Angelise is a confident, motivated individual, who passionately believes in what she does. Whether it is organising your life, your wardrobe, your office… Angelise puts 100% in and the results are always outstanding. CS, Northampton

If you need someone with energy, self drive and knows how to get things done, then Angelise is that person. While she has many strengthens, her ability to make tough decisions stands out. But most importantly she is fun spend time with
SB Middx

Angelise is punctual, reliable, adaptable, efficient and uses her initiative.JW, Surrey

Angelise is an organiser extraordinaire! Like most self employed people (men!?), year end administration is not my forte, but all I had to do was give Angelise a summary of where I was, point her in the right direction and forget about it. A job well done and if you’re thinking of hiring Angelise to get your life in order, I would thoroughly recommend her.

Angelise has a fantastic ability to spot a client’s core needs and find solutions. Intelligent and street smart, highly recommend her ability to get things done and done right. Also, very personable and overall really warm, nice human being. SS USA

I have worked with Angelise for 3 years or more supplying services for her clients. I have always enjoyed working and communicating with her. My work can get slightly technical and when I have to explain any problems or difficulties encountered she has a fine ability to understand, if not then to find out. I would recommend Angelise to anyone be they a client or a contractor. I have always found Angelise to be entirely personable. VC, Sussex

Angelise has one of those rare gifts– honesty and total frankness MS Middx

Organised, discrete and enthusiastic. Angelise has helped me with a range of tasks from administration to de cluttering and secretarial work. Completely trustworthy she has keys to the house and helps things to keep running smoothly. We couldn’t manage without her! S.R. Surrey

There has never been a job too big or too small for Angelise. She is willing to help in any way and is a pleasure to have in our home. CW Surrey

I have always been delighted when she has visited – to do list reduced and clear surfaces in the house. CT Surrey

Can’t recommend highly enough. Used for 5 years. Sanity, order and calm is restored, even in a crazy home like ours thanks to TimeMasters…
Angelise is totally trustworthy to provide excellent personal assistance (from helping with a house move to sorting out a home office…). She is a self starter, strong project manager, highly flexible, very hard working, takes great pride in what she does and is personable and friendly too…. been a bit of a life saver for us this year… thoroughly recommend her.  Ian Geddes
Partner, UK Head of Retail, Deloitte

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  1. I have known Angelise for a good many years, her work ethic is exceptional. She is a trustworthy, resourceful, diligent person with great integrity. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her working to improve your lifestyle.

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