Life is not too short for “Poetry on a Roll”



Life is too short
for us to bicker and bark
up every tree we climb.

Sometimes we never look back
at the little things
like love, happiness, joy
that keep things in tic tac toe.
We take for granted
those simple things
that can neither be bought or sold.

to recognize and appreciate
the blessings right before our
ungrateful, judgmental eyes
a tough lesson to learn

We are always
looking back,

“if only we could change back the hands of time”
we would.
To change
the things
we don’t like

and become
the perfection
we’d love to be.

Well said, thank you, Kimalee Jones – Poetry on a Roll


Send me a post card when you get there

Post box background

Post box backgroundThey say that the most stressful times in one’s life are getting married, having a baby and moving home. It all boils down to change and most of us don’t like it. Whether you are moving less than a kilometre or 20,000, having an assistant to deal with the utility companies, packing and transport can take a heavy burden off your shoulders and leave you free to sooth your worries, cuddle the kids and come to terms with that piano you will miss.

It’s always sunny in Spain

Vintage Bycycle With Basket With Lavender Flowers

Vintage Bycycle With Basket With Lavender FlowersTaking a much needed break away to spend quality time with your family or maybe a romantic trip abroad with just your main squeeze can recharge your batteries.  So often I hear people say they don’t have the time to haggle with travel agents or research where’s the new Ibiza. I know my lemons from a Sangria and can organised any travel from a visit to Grannies to a seat on the Shuttle (okay that may be going to far but you get the drift.)

Wedding bells are ringing

Antique Toy Truck Carrying A Gift Box With Pink Ribbon

Antique Toy Truck Carrying A Gift Box With Pink RibbonOh, I just love weddings. They are about the only occasion I have an excuse for wearing a hat (and I think hats really suit me). There are so many things that can get a bride’s head spinning and I am not talking about the groom. Organising your Big Day with all the choices on offer can feel overwhelming. Nothing makes me happier than talking about cakes and confetti. Getting a wedding planner to sort out all the details can take a huge pressure off the whole family and focus everyone’s attention back to the raison d’etre – LOVE. 

Kids should be seen but not their stuff?

Seamless Indian Pattern

Seamless Indian PatternAny modern parent wouldn’t dare suggest that their beloved children should not be heard in company. However, when it comes to their stuff, well I think there is something to be learned. No one wants to walk in through the front door and see children’s belongings spread about in every room.  If you want to instill discipline then you need a clear strategy. Often it is as simple as a few sturdy storage boxes and a new mantra.

De-cluttering is like a breath of fresh air

Background: Buttons Pile

Background: Buttons PileIf you are feeling that your home is untidy and you are struggling to find your things in all the chaos, then you should consider getting down to some good old-fashioned de-cluttering. Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference. But I can hear your protests from cyber space already, saying but I just don’t want to get rid of anything. Well, I do understand and in my experience having a helping hand is a good way to discern the good from the donate box. Besides, it is always nice to know that I will take it to the charity shops for you and in some cases you can earn a little pocket money with e-Bay.